İngilizce Rugby Oyun Kuralları, İngilizce Rugby Nasıl Oynanır?


İngilizce rugby oyunu kuralları, nasıl oynanır, açıklaması. Rugby sporunun ingilizce olarak anlatımı, oyun biçimi, rules.


Rugby Nasıl Oynanır? İngilizce

How To Play Rugby

Aim of the game

You play on a rugby fieldand you aim to beat the opposition by scoring more points. You do this mainly by scoring tries. You are awarded 5 points for each one.

You get a try by grounding the ball in the opposition’s ingoal area. Roughly speaking the “in goal” is the area marked out at each end behind the goal posts.

You can also get points by kicking at the goals. It involves kicking the ball both between the uprights and over the cross bar in a number of clearly defined situations.

Score as many tries as possible. The nearer the posts the better. Any player may score a try… you feel terrific when you do it!


The game begins

The ball is kicked to start the game. It’s called the kick-off.

To make things difficult the odd shaped ball must be bounced before you kick it. It`s called a drop kick

The ball must stay in play (not go over the touch lines) and must travel a minimum of 10 metres. A line on the pitch shows this distance.

During general play the team with possession of the ball are allowed to carry, pass or kick the ball.

Moving the ball around the field during play

  • Any player may carry the ball.
  • You may carry it pretty much any way you want. You don`t bounce the ball and you mustn`t stuff it up your jumper – or down your shorts!
  • You may carry the ball in two hands.
  • Or carry it in one hand or arm.
  • There is no restriction on the number of steps you can take.
  • There are no limits either, in terms of the time or distance you carry. You may carry it in any direction.

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