Müzik (Music) İle İlgili İngilizce Kompozisyon, Yazı Örnekleri


Müzik konulu İngilizce kompozisyon örneği. Müziğin önemi ve hayatımızdaki yeri hakkında müzik konulu İngilizce yazı, kompozisyon.

Klasik Müzik


Music is the best option for everyone to be happy and busy in life. In a world so busy, crowded and corrupt where everyone wants to hurt anyone at any time, music plays a very important role to make us happy in our difficult times and give much relief to our mind. I realized in my real life that music is a great tool to always be happy.

Music is more than meditation and yoga, since it benefits the body and the mind a lot. We can listen to music at any time throughout the day. It is a good habit to listen to music. I usually used to listen to music during my study time and especially during my exams. It helps me a lot to focus on the study and, in fact, it gives me good results and I get the highest grade in my subjects.

I listen to spiritual music every morning when my dad starts playing music in my room at 5 am. I care a lot and he becomes happy when I receive help listening to music. He always tells me that listening to music is a power that God has given you, never turn it off. It is the powerful tool that would increase your power of concentration and will always help you move forward and achieve success in your life.




Music is the blessing for me because it has played a great role in my life. It always gives and never takes without having any boundaries and guidelines to follow. Music for me is like oxygen which I breathe. It makes me happy and keeps healthy. It is truly said that one cannot imagine the life without music. The life without music is like an earth without sun and moon. From my childhood till I grow younger, I was so silent person without having any joy and happiness. I always liked to be busy in my study or live alone. No one was talking to me because of nature. One day I was so fed up and my father noticed me and asked my problems. He inspired to take admission to the music school and learn some music for one hour daily. I followed him and do that, after months later it brought a huge change in my life and almost has changed my life completely. I was not remained like that i was earlier learning music.

Music gave me peaceful mind, mental satisfaction, mental health, increased my concentration level, filled my mind with lots of positive thoughts and most importantly my friends started attracting towards me because of my music. My father told me that, always take help of this music whenever you get fed up in the life, it surely take you out and lead you toward success. Till then I listen music and I perform music whenever I become alone or with my friends. Music is like meditation, if it is practiced daily with passion and devotion, it improves concentration and mental health. We can avoid the truth about the music; it is very powerful and potential thing which sparks anyone’s emotion. It touches the spirit and can never be vanished from the universe.

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