O Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Fiiller ve Anlamları, Baş Harfi O İngilizce Fiiller


O harfiyle başlayan ingilizce fiiller, 2. ve 3. halleri (past, past participle) ve türkçe anlamları. O ile İngilizce fiiller (verbs) listesi.

O Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Fiiller ve Anlamları

O Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Fiiller ve Anlamları

Verb / Simple Past / Past Participle / Türkçesi

  • Obey / Obeyed / Obeyed / itaat etmek
    His dog has learned to obey several commands.
    He always obeys his parents.
    The children must obey the rules.
  • Offend / Offended / Offended / gücendirmek
  • Offer / Offered / Offered / teklif etmek
    He offered $4,000 for the car.
    They are offering a reward for the return of their cat.
    They decided to offer the job to Jo.
  • Open / Opened / Opened / açmak
    I was asked to open the gate.
    His wife opened the door for him.
    If you don’t open this door I’m going to kick it open.
  • outbid / outbid / outbid / daha fazla para ödemek
  • outdo / outdid / outdone / birinden daha iyi olmak
    Both sides have tried to outdo each other to show how tough they can be.
  • outshine / outshone / outshone / birinden daha iyi yapmak
  • overcome / overcame / overcome / üstesinden gelmek
    Molly had fought and overcome her fear of flying.
    Find a way to overcome your difficulties.
    The night before the test I was overcome by fear and despair.
  • overdo / overdid / overdone / beklenenden daha iyi yapmak
  • overhang / overhung / overhung / üzerinden sarkmak
  • overhear / overheard / overheard / kazaen duymak
    She overheard what her boss said to his secretary.
    I overheard a rumor about you.
    They were overheard discussing the project.
  • override / overrode / overridden / diğerinden daha önemli olmak
  • overrun / overran / overrun / hızla ele geçirmek
  • oversee / oversaw / overseen / göz atmak, kontrol etmek
    You must employ someone to oversee the project.
  • overshoot / overshot / overshot / bir yeri çok geçmek
    The department may overshoot its cash limit this year.
  • oversleep / overslept / overslept / fazla uyumak
  • overtake / overtook / overtaken / hızı daha fazla olup geçmek
    With the bridges open, the threat she’d foreseen was going to overtake the human world.
  • overthrow / overthrew / overthrown / iktidardan düşmek

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