The Call of the Wild (Vahşetin Çağrısı) İngilizce Özeti, Jack London


Jack London’un The Call of the Wild (Vahşetin Çağrısı) isimli kitabının ingilizce olarak özeti. İngilizce Vahşetin Çağrısı konusu ve karakterler

The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild (Vahşetin Çağrısı) İngilizce Özeti

The Call of the Wild (Vahşetin Çağrısı);

This story is the nonpareil of novels from a dog’s point of view. Buck is a big dog, a mix of St Bernard and Sheepdog. He is leading a comfortable and dull life in California when the gold rush hits. Suddenly, big dogs like Buck are a commodity to be prized, and he is dognapped and sold to dog traders. They abuse him in order to train him, then ship him north to the Klondike.

This is not a novel for the charter member of the SPCA, for Buck’s experiences reveal cruelty from man and beast at every turn. A pack of huskies viciously maul a dog to death. Buck determines to be one of the survivors and, working for mail carriers, discovers “the call of the wild” and learns to be as savage and resourceful as an animal should be. He even kills the lead dog Spitz in a fight to become the alpha.

But when he is traded to a different mail carrier, one who both abuses and overworks his team, his life takes a bad turn. This carrier exhausts the team to the point where he even has to shoot one who won’t continue. Buck is traded to a trio of American gold hunters. These guys are idiots and deserve what happens to them. They beat their sled dogs and have utterly no experience surviving in the Klondike. They end up nearly starving when they run out of food.


They make it to John Thornton’s camp. Only five dogs out of their original fourteen are still alive. Thornton, who is an experienced survivor in the frozen north warns the three Americans about the dangers of melting ice up ahead, but they, of course do not listen. When Buck refuses to go, one of the Americans is about to shoot the dog when Thornton intervenes. The Americans continue and immediately fall through the ice to die a cold and truly ironic death.

Buck is devoted to John Thornton.

Buck is devoted to John Thornton. Buck saves his life is a drowning accident, fights for him when he gets in a bar fight, even wins money for him pulling a sled in a contest. But when Thornton starts looking for gold, Buck wanders off more and more, lured by “the call of the wild.” He becomes more attuned to his environment and melds with the wild animals of the Klondike more and more. When Thornton is killed by Indians, Buck returns and savagely attacks the Indians and kills several. Buck leads a wolf pack and continues to savage the Yeehat Indians who he blames for the death of his beloved master. They call him the Ghost Dog, and Buck returns every year to where Thornton was killed to mourn his master. But he always returns to answer “the call of the wild.”

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