We İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler – We Cümle İçinde Kullanımı


İçinde We geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler ve anlamları. We’nin ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. We ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri.

We İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


We İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  1. ***Here we go.
  2. ***We are men.
  3. ***We are happy.
  4. ***Where are we?
  5. ***We‘ve arrived.
  6. ***We are his sons.
  7. ***We love picnics.
  8. ***When can we eat?
  9. ***We arrived first.
  10. ***We depend on you.
  11. ***We disturbed him.
  12. ***We enjoy talking.
  13. ***We hate violence.
  14. ***We have no sugar.
  15. ***We lost the game.
  16. ***We‘re in a hurry.
  17. ***We are not amused.
  18. ***We go there often.
  19. ***We got up at dawn.
  20. ***We must keep calm.
  21. ***We play on Sunday.
  22. ***We were all tired.
  23. ***We adopted a child.
  24. ***We ate some apples.
  25. ***We chartered a bus.
  26. ***We found him alive.
  27. ***We grow wheat here.
  28. ***We had lovely meal.
  29. ***We kept them quiet.
  30. ***We love each other.
  31. ***We need some money.
  32. ***We ran out of food.
  33. ***We started to walk.
  34. ***We studied English.
  35. ***We swam in the sea.
  36. ***We were very tired.
  37. ***Where should we go?
  38. ***Where will we meet?
  39. ***We all like cycling.
  40. ***We are very similar.
  41. ***We dislike violence.
  42. ***We had a rough time.
  43. ***We have a lot to do.
  44. ***We have enough time.
  45. ***We lay on the grass.
  46. ***We must leave early.
  47. ***We must pay the tax.
  48. ***We obeyed the rules.
  49. ***We swam in the lake.
  50. ***We talked until two.
  51. ***We traveled on foot.
  52. ***We will do our best.
  53. ***We will let him try.
  54. ***We will never agree.
  55. ***We‘re eating apples.
  56. ***When will we arrive?
  57. ***Could we have a fork?
  58. ***We all make mistakes.
  59. ***We arrived home late.
  60. ***We must go to school.
  61. ***We named the dog Tim.
  62. ***We need more workers.
  63. ***We sang as we walked.
  64. ***We see with our eyes.
  65. ***We want a new carpet.
  66. ***We were younger then.
  67. ***We‘ll meet on Sunday.
  68. ***We‘re ready to leave.
  69. ***Why don’t we go home?
  70. ***Could we have a spoon?
  71. ***We agreed to the plan.
  72. ***We had a little water.
  73. ***We have time to spare.
  74. ***We have two daughters.
  75. ***We sometimes see them.
  76. ***We took turns driving.
  77. ***We want something new.
  78. ***We‘re on our way home.
  79. ***Can we talk in private?
  80. ***Come on! We‘ll be late.
  81. ***We all have missed you.
  82. ***We debated the problem.
  83. ***We don’t like violence.
  84. ***We enjoyed watching TV.
  85. ***We expect good results.
  86. ***We had a narrow escape.
  87. ***We have finished lunch.
  88. ***We have no extra money.
  89. ***We have plenty of time.
  90. ***We live in the suburbs.
  91. ***We ran after the thief.
  92. ***We saw nothing strange.
  93. ***We sometimes meet them.
  94. ***We‘re a married couple.
  95. ***Hurry up! We‘ll be late.
  96. ***We appreciate your help.
  97. ***We bought a round table.
  98. ***We didn’t have much fun.
  99. ***We don’t have any sugar.
  100. ***We gave him up for dead.
  101. ***We had a large audience.
  102. ***We had a secret meeting.
  103. ***We had a wonderful time.
  104. ***We have a test tomorrow.
  105. ***We have no school today.
  106. ***We made it out of there.
  107. ***We‘d appreciate a reply.
  108. ***We‘d better go home now.
  109. ***Why don’t we go dancing?
  110. ***We almost froze to death.
  111. ***We are moving next month.
  112. ***We expect him to succeed.
  113. ***We felt sympathy for her.
  114. ***We had a storm yesterday.
  115. ***We have to start at once.
  116. ***We‘re just like brothers.
  117. ***Why don’t we order pizza?
  118. ***Why don’t we take a taxi?
  119. ***We agreed among ourselves.
  120. ***We aren’t very hungry yet.
  121. ***We had a pleasant evening.
  122. ***We had a really good time.
  123. ***We have lost sight of him.
  124. ***We should be very careful.
  125. ***We suspected him of lying.
  126. ***We woke up after midnight.
  127. ***We‘d better get a move on.
  128. ***We‘re up against the wall.
  129. ***Why don’t we share a room?
  130. ***I wish we had won the game.
  131. ***We accepted his invitation.
  132. ***We are about to leave here.
  133. ***We don’t care what he does.
  134. ***We have to change our plan.
  135. ***We live near a big library.
  136. ***We painted the house green.
  137. ***We played tennis yesterday.
  138. ***We should always obey laws.
  139. ***We‘re almost like brothers.
  140. ***We are going to have a baby.
  141. ***We flew across the Atlantic.
  142. ***We have a lot of work to do.
  143. ***We have to expect the worst.
  144. ***We invited him to our house.
  145. ***We really enjoyed ourselves.
  146. ***We went to London last year.
  147. ***We went to the park to play.
  148. ***We were very busy last week.
  149. ***We will do anything for you.
  150. ***We‘re married to each other.
  151. ***Why don’t we ask his advice?
  152. ***It’s about time we went back.
  153. ***This is what we want to know.
  154. ***We all suspect him of murder.
  155. ***We appreciate your hard work.
  156. ***We are going to have a storm.
  157. ***We are in favor of your plan.
  158. ***We found the boy fast asleep.
  159. ***We must tear down this house.
  160. ***We played baseball yesterday.
  161. ***We really like picnics a lot.
  162. ***We traveled in South America.
  163. ***We walked ten miles that day.
  164. ***We were sweating in the heat.
  165. ***We‘d like you to sing a song.
  166. ***We‘ll be home at about 11:00.
  167. ***Could we have a table outside?
  168. ***How long will we have to wait?
  169. ***It was cold, so we lit a fire.
  170. ***We are staying at our uncle’s.
  171. ***We can see many stars tonight.
  172. ***We got there at the same time.
  173. ***We had a fire drill yesterday.
  174. ***We have a good heating system.
  175. ***We have a lot of rain in June.
  176. ***We must make up for lost time.
  177. ***We prepared snacks beforehand.
  178. ***We received word of his death.
  179. ***We‘ve been friends ever since.
  180. ***When was the last time we met?
  181. ***Where can we get what we want?
  182. ***Where do we get the textbooks?
  183. ***I suggested that we go fishing.
  184. ***I’m afraid we‘ll lose the game.
  185. ***It’s about time we went to bed.
  186. ***We advised them to start early.
  187. ***We can see Mt. Fuji over there.
  188. ***We had a lot of rain last year.
  189. ***We had a lot of snow last year.
  190. ***We have a wide choice of books.
  191. ***We made pancakes for breakfast.
  192. ***We moved to New York last fall.
  193. ***We plan to climb that mountain.
  194. ***We shared the cost of the meal.
  195. ***We skipped his turn on purpose.
  196. ***We talked about various topics.
  197. ***We took turns with the driving.
  198. ***We traveled to Mexico by plane.
  199. ***We want to have a large family.
  200. ***We were nearly frozen to death.

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