A Harfiyle Başlayan İngilizce Zıt Anlamlı Kelimeler


Baş harfi A ile başlayan ingilizce zıt anlamlı kelimeler listesi. A ile başlayan zıt anlamlı sıfatlar, fiiller, kelimeler.


about exactly
above below
absence presence
abundance lack
to accept to refuse
accidental intentional
active lazy
to add to subtract
to admit to deny
adult child
advanced elementary
affirmative negative
afraid brave
after before
against for
alike different
alive dead
all none
always never
ancient modern
to agree to refuse, to argue
to allow to forbid
already not yet
always never
amateur professional
to amuse to bore
ancestor descendant
angel devil
animal human
to annoy to satisfy
to answer to ask
answer question
antonym synonym
apart together
approximately exactly
to argue to agree
to arrest to free, to set free
arrival departure
to arrive to depart, to leave
artificial natural
to ask to answer
asleep awake
to attack to defend
attack defence, protection
attic cellar
autumn spring
awake asleep
awful delicious, nice, pleasant

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