D Harfiyle Başlayan İngilizce Zıt Anlamlı Kelimeler


Baş harfi D ile başlayan ingilizce zıt anlamlı kelimeler listesi. D ile başlayan zıt anlamlı sıfatlar, fiiller, kelimeler.


to damage to repair
danger security, safety
dangerous safe
dark light
daughter son
dawn dusk
day night
dead alive
death birth, life
deep shallow
defeat victory
defence attack
to defend to attack
delicious awful
to deny to admit
to depart to arrive
departure arrival
desperate hopeful
to destroy to build, to create, to form
destruction construction
devil angel
dictatorship republic
to die to live
different alike, equal, the same
difficult easy
dirty clean
disease health
distant near
to divide to unite
division unity
to divorce to marry
divorce marriage, wedding
divorced married
domestic foreign
down up
downstairs upstairs
drama comedy
dry humid, wet
dull interesting
dusk dawn

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