Güneş (Sun) ve Güneş Sistemi (Solar System) İngilizce Tanıtımı, İngilizce Bilgi


Güneş (sun) ve güneş sisteminin (solar system) ingilizce tanıtımı, Güneş ve güneş sistemi hakkında ingilizce bilgiler.

Güneş Sistemi

The solar system

A solar system is a group of planets moving around a sun which is at the center.

Our solar system, in which the planet earth is found, is only one of the many solar systems that exist in space. Our solar system contains the sun, nine planets, satellites, asteroids, and meteors. The sun is at the center and the other heavenly bodies revolve around the sun. This is because of the strong gravitational force of the sun. The gravitional force on an object depends on the mass of the object and the distance between objects. The mass of the sun is the greater than any heavenly body in our solar system, so other objects revolve around the sun. As you have learned, revolution is to move around another heavenly body. All of the heavenly bodies in the solar system revolve around the sun on definite pathways called orbits.

The Sun

The sun is the largest heavenly body in the solar system and consists of hot gases. It is found at the center of the solar system. Like all stars, our sun is made mostly of hydrogen and helium gases. The sun’s radiant energy (heat and light energies) is produced when hydrogen gas is changed into helium gas. Our sun is over one hundred times bigger than the earth and it is about 150 million kilometers away. The gravitational pull of the sun is 28 times stronger than the gravitational pull of the earth.

The center of the sun is very hot (15000000 °C). The temperature on the surface of the sun is much cooler (6000 °C). The flames around the sun are called the corona. Gases in the corona are at 2000000 °C.


Sun spots are cooler, darker areas on the sun’s surface which may be thousands of kilometers wide.

Prominences are flames which rise from the sun, sometimes for millions of kilometers. Some prominences fall back into the sun, others escape into space.

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