H Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Eşyalar


H harfiyle başlayan ingilizce eşyalar nelerdir, isimleri, Türkçe karşılıkları.. Baş harfi H olan ingilizce eşyalar ve Türkçeleri.

H Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Eşyalar

H Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Eşyalar

Hair dryer

An electric device for drying hair
Türkçesi: Saç kurutma makinası


a brush for grooming the hair
Türkçesi: saç fırçası


A thin cylindrical strip of metal or other material bent in the shape of a long U, used to secure a hairdo or headdress.
Türkçesi: Firkete


a rope, cord, strap, etc., usually with a headstall, for tying or leading an animal
Türkçesi: Yular


The definition of a hammer is a tool usually with a wooden handle and metal head used for pounding.
Türkçesi: çekiç


The definition of a hammock is a canvas or rope bed that is hung between two trees or other supports.
Türkçesi: Hamak


The definition of a hamper is a basket, often used for laundry.
Türkçesi: sepet


The definition of a handkerchief is a small, tightly-woven square of cloth that is carried in the pocket.
Türkçesi: mendil


The handle-shaped part of a telephone, containing the receiver and transmitter and often a dial or push buttons.
Türkçesi: Ahize


A device around which a garment is draped for hanging from a hook or rod.
Türkçesi: askı


The definition of a hat is a covering for the head, or someone’s role in a job or in life.
Türkçesi: şapka


a band worn around the head
Türkçesi: saç bantı


A light with a reflector and lens mounted on the front of a locomotive, automobile, or other vehicle.
Türkçesi: Far


A headphone or pair of headphones, usually equipped with a microphone.
Türkçesi: Kulaklık

Hearing aid

A small electronic apparatus that amplifies sound and is worn in or behind the ear to compensate for impaired hearing.
Türkçesi: İşitme cihazı

Heat Exchanger

A device, such as an automobile radiator, used to transfer heat from a fluid on one side of a barrier to a fluid on the other side without bringing the fluids into direct contact.
Türkçesi: Eşanjör


An apparatus that heats or provides heat.
Türkçesi: ısıtıcı


An aircraft that derives its lift from blades that rotate about an approximately vertical central axis.
Türkçesi: helikopter


a protective covering for the head
Türkçesi: Miğfer


A container for holding or carrying miscellaneous items, especially a traveling case or bag.
Türkçesi: Hurç


Hood is defined as the front top of a car or other vehicle that covers and protects the engine, or a protective covering that removes fumes or exhaust.
Türkçesi: Kukuleta


he definition of a hook is a bent piece of material used for hanging things or catching fish, or something intended to get attention.
Türkçesi: kanca


a circular band or ring for holding together the staves of a barrel, cask, etc.
Türkçesi: kasnak


a device with a kind of blaring sound for signaling or warning
Türkçesi: korna


a flat, -shaped metal plate nailed to the bottom of a horse’s hoof to protect the foot
Türkçesi: Nal


a flexible tube used to convey fluids, esp. water from a hydrant or faucet
Türkçesi: hortum


undergarments worn on the legs, such as socks, stockings, and pantyhose
Türkçesi: çorap


The definition of a house is a building or shelter where people or animals live.
Türkçesi: ev

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