İngilizce Aile Bireyleri Üyeleri (Family Members) Okunuşları Örnek Cümleler


İngilizce aile bireyleri, (family members) üyelerinin isimleri, yazılış ve okunuşları. İngilizce aile bireyleri ile ilgili örnek cümleler.

İngilizce Aile Bireyleri

İngilizce Aile Bireyleri ve Okunuşları


a person who is a father or mother. When you have children, you are a parent.

Türkçesi: Ebeveyn

Örnek Cümleler:
My parents live in New York.
They recently became parents. = They’re new parents.
The form must be signed by a parent or guardian of the child.
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Okunuşu: Perınt


a male parent. If you are a male parent, you are a father.


Örnek Cümleler:
He became a father when he was 30.
He’s the father of three small children.
He has been like a father to me.
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Okunuşu: Fadı


a female parent. If you are female parent, you are a mother.


Örnek Cümleler:
She became a mother when she was in her 20s.
She’s the mother of three small children.
She has been like a mother to me.
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Okunuşu: madı


a male child. If one of your children is a boy, he is your son.

Türkçesi: Erkek evlat

Örnek Cümleler:
She gave birth to a son.
They have two sons and a daughter.
He is the son of a lawyer and a doctor.
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Okunuşu: san

Resimli İngilizce Aile Üyeleri


a female child. If one of your children is a girl, she is your daughter.

Türkçesi: Kız evlat

Örnek Cümleler:
We have a daughter and two sons.
My 20-year-old daughter is studying at university.
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Okunuşu: do:tı


a girl or woman who has one or both of the same parents as you. A brother and sister both have the same parents.

Türkçesi: Kız kardeş

Örnek Cümleler:
Tom doesn’t have a sister.
My younger sister is famous.
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Okunuşu: sistı


a boy or man who has one or both of the same parents as you A brother and sister both have the same parents.

Türkçesi:Erkek kardeş

Örnek Cümleler:
She has three brothers.
My brother likes music.
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Okunuşu: bradı


a married man. When a couple gets married, the man is the husband, and the woman is his wife.

Türkçesi: Koca – eş

Örnek Cümleler:
Have you met her husband?
They were husband and wife [=a married couple] for almost 60 years.
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Resimli İngilizce Aile Üyeleri


a married woman. When a couple gets married, the man is the husband, and the woman is his wife.

Türkçesi: Kadın – eş

Örnek Cümleler:
We met him and his wife.
They were husband and wife [=a married couple] for almost 60 years.
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Okunuşu: wayf


a person’s husband or wife


Örnek Cümleler:
In 60 percent of the households surveyed both spouses went out to work.
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Okunuşu: sıpoz


the father of your father or mother

Türkçesi: Dede – Büyükbaba

Örnek Cümleler:
He resembles his grandfather.
He’s just like his grandfather.
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Okunuşu: grandfa:dı


the mother of your father/mother

Türkçesi: Anne – babaanne- Büyükanne

Örnek Cümleler:
This is a ring my grandmother wore.
His grandmother can’t walk, can she?
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Okunuşu: grandma:dı


the children / child of your children

Türkçesi: Torun

Örnek Cümleler:
You’re going to have a little grandchild
Don’t take his grandchild away without giving him a chance.

Okunuşu: grandçayıld


a son of your son or daughter

Türkçesi: Erkek torun

Örnek Cümleler:
Then I lost a grandson and thanks to a miracle, he was returned to me, unharmed.
He attempted in vain to secure the election of his grandson Charles.

Okunuşu: grandsan


the daughter of one of your children

Türkçesi: Kız torun

Örnek Cümleler:
Her granddaughter lives abroad.
She doted on her granddaughter and had made her the red cape.

Okunuşu: granddo:tı


the brother of your father or mother or the husband of your aunt

Türkçesi: Amca – Dayı

Örnek Cümleler:
My uncle lives near the school.
I met her the year that my uncle William died.
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Okunuşu: ankıl


the sister of your father or mother or the wife of your uncle

Türkçesi: Teyze – Hala

Örnek Cümleler:
My aunt brought me some flowers.
Tom has an aunt who is in prison.
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Okunuşu: a:nt


a child of your uncle or aunt

Türkçesi: Kuzen

Örnek Cümleler:
The two boys are cousins.
My cousin took me around the town.
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Okunuşu: kazın


a son of your brother or sister

Türkçesi: Erkek Yeğen

Örnek Cümleler:
All her money went to her nephew.
Because my nephew was still young, he was forgiven
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Okunuşu: nephüv

Resimli İngilizce Aile Üyeleri


a daughter of your brother or sister

Türkçesi: Kız Yeğen

Örnek Cümleler:
His niece is attractive and mature for her age.
My three-year-old niece kissed me on the cheek.
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Okunuşu: nays


the father of your spouse

Türkçesi: Kayınpeder

Örnek Cümleler:
His father-in-law lives on despite the car accident.
His father-in-law had given up trying to explain to him the different cuts of meat.

Okunuşu: fa:dı inlo


the mother of your spouse

Türkçesi: Kayınvalide

Örnek Cümleler:
Poor Ann has the mother-in-law from hell.
As soon as his mother-in-law arrived, he made himself scarce.

Okunuşu: madı inlo


the husband of your daughter

Türkçesi: Damat

Örnek Cümleler:
Sixty-seven people were killed, including her son-in-law and three grandchildren.
Steve, you know, Mrs Files’s son-in-law, who works there, he told me.

Okunuşu: san inlo


the wife of your son

Türkçesi: Gelin

Örnek Cümleler:
She told them that her daughter-in-law was manic-depressive.
Her daughter-in-law was deathly pale, looking as if she would faint.

Okunuşu: do:tıinlo


the husband of your sister

Türkçesi: Enişte

Örnek Cümleler:
His brother-in-law proposed a toast to the happy couple.
He was the brother-in-law of some one she knew.

Okunuşu: bıratıinlo


the wife of your brother

Türkçesi: Baldız – Görümce

Örnek Cümleler:
My sister-in-law made a spread, and the three battered travelers sat down to eat
Her sister-in-law wore canary yellow trimmed with black marten fur.

Okunuşu: sistı inlo


Türkçesi: Üvey baba

Örnek Cümleler:
I hope my new stepfather sticks around longer than the last one.
Tom gets along fine with Mary’s stepfather.

Okunuşu: stepfa:dı


Türkçesi: Üvey anne

Örnek Cümleler:
This part of the land belongs to my stepmother.
A few years ago, on Mother’s Day, I gave my stepmother a locket as a present.

Okunuşu: stepmadı


the son of your (new) husband / wife (he is not your biological son)

Türkçesi: Üvey erkek evlat

Örnek Cümleler:
Tom introduced his stepson to Mary’s stepdaughter.
Tom is Mary’s stepson.

Okunuşu: stepsan

Resimli İngilizce Aile Üyeleri


the daughter of your (new) husband / wife (she is not your biological daughter)

Türkçesi: Üvey kız evlat

Örnek Cümleler:
He loved his stepdaughter as if she were his own child.
She was filled with compassion for her stepdaughter.

Okunuşu: stepdoti


Türkçesi: Üvey kız kardeş

Örnek Cümleler:
The prince and the eldest stepsister rode away together.
She was also going to have a new stepsister.

Okunuşu: stepsistı


Türkçesi: Üvey erkek kardeş

Örnek Cümleler:
Your new stepbrother told me about your problem at school.
I’ve suddenly acquired a stepbrother.

Okunuşu: stepbırathı


the brother you have only one parent in common with .

Türkçesi: Anne yada babadan olma erkek kardeş

Örnek Cümleler:
Do you still live with you half-brother?
Apart from his brother, he had one sister, one half-brother, and two half-sisters.

Okunuşu: Halfbıradı


the sister you only have one parent in common with.

Türkçesi: Anne yada babadan olma kız kardeş

Örnek Cümleler:
He had an Indonesian stepfather and half-sister.
You’re my half-sister but I whole love you.

Okunuşu: Halfsistı

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