Mother İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


İçinde Mother geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler ve anlamları. Mother ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. Mother ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri.

  1. ***My mother is out.
  2. ***How’s your mother?
  3. ***His mother was right.
  4. ***My mother can’t come.
  5. ***My mother cooks well.
  6. ***Is your mother at home?
  7. ***My mother gets up early.
  8. ***My mother speaks slowly.
  9. ***My mother is sick in bed.
  10. ***Tomorrow is mother‘s Day.
  11. ***I want to see your mother.
  12. ***My father loves my mother.
  13. ***She looks like her mother.
  14. ***Mary is helping her mother.
  15. ***Mary looks like her mother.
  16. ***You remind me of my mother.
  17. ***My mother made me a sweater.
  18. ***Our mother bought us a puppy.
  19. ***I saw my mother hide the cake.
  20. ***My mother took my temperature.
  21. ***She reminds him of his mother.
  22. ***Tom is taller than his mother.
  23. ***You look just like your mother.
  24. ***Her mother made her a new dress.
  25. ***My mother died when I was a kid.
  26. ***My mother is not always at home.
  27. ***My mother made a sweater for me.
  28. ***My mother made some new clothes.
  29. ***My mother is in the hospital now.
  30. ***She closely resembles her mother.
  31. ***Uncle Tom is my mother‘s brother.
  32. ***Did Tom help his mother yesterday?
  33. ***I hear from my mother every month.
  34. ***I write to my mother once a month.
  35. ***My mother bought me a new bicycle.
  36. ***My mother is strict about manners.
  37. ***Jane became taller than her mother.
  38. ***Mary really takes after her mother.
  39. ***She’s as good a cook as her mother.
  40. ***Paula left the room to call her mother.
  41. ***I am looking for a present for my mother.
  42. ***I asked my mother if breakfast was ready.
  43. ***My mother has been sick since last month.
  44. ***My mother is making a cake for my father.
  45. ***He writes to his mother every now and then.
  46. ***My father and mother have a big farm there.
  47. ***My mother gets up earlier than anyone else.
  48. ***I should’ve listened to what my mother said.
  49. ***I saw a woman who I thought was Mary’s mother.
  50. ***Since my mother was sick, I couldn’t go there.
  51. ***The baby was fast asleep in her mother‘s arms.
  52. ***Her mother lives in the country all by herself.
  53. ***I never see her without thinking of her mother.
  54. ***The baby was sound asleep in her mother‘s arms.
  55. ***Are you closer to your mother or to your father?
  56. ***I can’t believe that she is older than my mother.
  57. ***Mike doesn’t have to wash his mother‘s car today.
  58. ***He never fails to call his mother on her birthday.
  59. ***I’m getting along with my mother-in-law very well.
  60. ***The girl insisted on going shopping with her mother.
  61. ***As soon as the child saw his mother, he stopped crying.
  62. ***My mother has a driver’s license, but she doesn’t drive.
  63. ***Tom shared his mother‘s oatmeal cookie recipe with Mary.
  64. ***A mother rabbit keeps her babies warms with her own body.
  65. ***I think it’s time for me to write my mother another letter.
  66. ***Mary promised her mother that she would help her more often.
  67. ***My mother has a driver’s license, but she doesn’t drive a car.
  68. ***My mother asked me not to feed the dog until after we had all eaten.
  69. ***She intended to go shopping with her mother, but her mother was busy.
  70. ***As soon as I can get the chance, I’ll help your mother paint the fence.
  71. ***The best cookies I’ve ever eaten are the ones that you mother baked for me.
  72. ***A few years ago, on mother‘s Day, I gave my stepmother a locket as a present.


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