October (Ekim) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler, October Cümle İçinde Kullanımı


İçinde October geçen İngilizce örnek cümleler. October kelimesinin İngilizce cümle içinde kullanımı ile ilgili olarak örnek cümlelerin yer aldığı sayfamız.

October (Ekim) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

October (Ekim) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  1. ***It’s October the third.
  2. ***It happened last October.
  3. ***It’s the third of October.
  4. ***I was in Boston in October.
  5. ***We’ll get married in October.
  6. ***I’m getting married in October.
  7. ***We got married on October 20th.
  8. ***Leaves begin to fall in October.
  9. ***She visited him on October 20th.
  10. ***Donald hopes to see you in October.
  11. ***I was born on October 10th, 1972.
  12. ***Donald visited Charlize on October 20th.
  13. ***Donald stayed in Boston until October.
  14. ***I returned to Boston on October 20th.
  15. ***I’m coming back to Boston in October.
  16. ***We returned to Boston on October 20th.
  17. ***I returned from Boston on October 20th.
  18. ***Donald says he’ll go to Boston in October.
  19. ***Donald plans to stay in Boston until October.
  20. ***Donald told Charlize that he’d go to Boston in October.
  21. ***Donald Jackson was born in Boston on October 20, 1995.
  22. ***Donald told me he was planning to go to Boston in October.
  23. ***Donald is scheduled to give a concert in Boston on October 20th.
  24. ***Today is October 11th.
  25. ***I was born October 10th, 1972.
  26. ***We’re getting married in October.
  27. ***Halloween’s celebrated in October.
  28. ***I’ve been in Boston since October.
  29. ***We got married on October 20, 2013.
  30. ***I’m actually coming home in October.
  31. ***In October, the leaves begin to fall.
  32. ***They were married in October of 1975.
  33. ***Sadako Sasaki died on October 25, 1955.
  34. ***That’s not happening till October 20th.
  35. ***The German course begins October fifth.
  36. ***We have a lot of very fine days in October.
  37. ***Congress approved the resolution in October.
  38. ***Donald and Charlize are getting married in October.
  39. ***Where were you on the night of October 20th?
  40. ***Please settle this account by October 28, 1998.
  41. ***The wedding will take place at the end of October.
  42. ***Donald and Charlize have decided to get married in October.
  43. ***One October morning in 1987, Stephen Hawking sat before his computer.
  44. ***They say that every year the number of tourists is greatest in October.
  45. ***There was a suggestion that the general meeting should take place in October.
  46. ***The stock market crash of October 1987 in New York is still vividly remembered.
  47. ***If you cannot make full remittance, please get in touch with me by October 28, 1998.

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