Resimli İngilizce Kütüphane Kuralları (Library Rules), Maddeler Halinde


Kütüphane Kurallarının resimli ingilizce olarak anlatımı, maddeler halinde. İngilizce kütüphane kuralları, library rules resimleri.

A library is a collection of books, journals, magazines, films, music, and other information resources, made available to the public for borrowing or reference. Libraries play an important role in supporting education and lifelong learning by providing access to information and resources to support personal, professional, and academic needs. Libraries can be found in many different types of institutions, including schools, colleges and universities, public libraries, and special libraries (such as medical or law libraries). They can be traditional brick-and-mortar buildings, or exist entirely online as digital libraries.

In addition to lending materials, many libraries offer a range of services to support patrons, including reference services, access to databases and other online resources, computer access, and programs for children and adults. Libraries are an important resource for communities and can play a role in promoting literacy, fostering lifelong learning, and supporting personal and professional development.

Resimli İngilizce Kütüphane Kuralları (Library Rules)

Library Rules

The rules for using a library can vary depending on the specific library, but some common ones include:

  • Quiet: Libraries are typically quiet spaces where people can study, read, or do research without disruption. No loud talking, cell phone use, or other disruptive behavior is allowed.
  • Food and Drink: Most libraries have rules about eating and drinking in the building. Food is usually not allowed, and drinks must be in covered containers.

Resimli İngilizce Kütüphane Kuralları (Library Rules)

  • Returning Materials: Books, DVDs, and other library materials must be returned on time, or a fine may be charged.
  • Respect for Materials: Library patrons should treat all library materials with care, not marking or damaging them in any way.

Resimli İngilizce Kütüphane Kuralları (Library Rules)

  • Computer Use: Most libraries have computers that can be used by patrons, but they may have restrictions on the type of content that can be accessed and the length of time that a computer can be used.
  • Conduct: Patrons must follow all library policies and rules, as well as local, state, and federal laws.

Resimli İngilizce Kütüphane Kuralları (Library Rules)

  • Lost or Damaged Materials: Patrons are responsible for paying for any materials that are lost or damaged while in their possession.

These are some of the most common rules for using a library. It is always a good idea to check the specific rules for a library before using it, as they may vary from one library to another.

Resimli İngilizce Kütüphane Kuralları (Library Rules)

  • Keep your library neat and tidy.
  • No littering in the library.
  • Speak softly in the library.
  • No foods and drinks in the library

Resimli İngilizce Kütüphane Kuralları (Library Rules)

  • Study queitly in the library.
  • No playing in the library.
  • Please treat the books with respect.

Resimli İngilizce Kütüphane Kuralları (Library Rules)

  • Never mark or write in library books.
  • Be careful while turning pages so they don’t wrinkle or tear.
  • Be sure that you place unwanted books where you find them.
  • Place the books that you finish in turn in the basket.

Resimli İngilizce Kütüphane Kuralları (Library Rules)

  • Keep library books away from food and drink.
  • Return library books on time so others can read them.
  • Keep library books in a special place at home.

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