Su Kirliliği, Water Pollution İle İlgili İngilizce Sloganlar (Resimli)


Su Kirliliği (Water Pollution) ile ilgili ingilizce slogan örnekleri. Su kirliliği konulu ingilizce sloganlar, güzel sözler.

Su Kirliliği İngilizce Sloganlar

Su Kirliliği – Water Pollution İle İlgili İngilizce Sloganlar

  • ***Conserve water to deserve it lifelong.
  • ***Nothing will be left here without water.
  • ***Water is life, don’t pollute it.
  • ***Keep water bodies clean and safe.
  • ***Clean water is equally essential to all of us.
  • ***No one can live without water.
  • ***Every drop of clean water is important to us.

Su Kirliliği İngilizce Sloganlar

  • ***Think about solution of water pollution.
  • ***Raise your voice against water pollution.
  • ***Don’t spoil water and understand the value of water.
  • ***Clean water is very less, try to keep it fresh.
  • ***Keep it purest, water is dearest.
  • ***Don’t pollute water; it will put you on bed.
  • ***Clean water is blessing from God, don’t pollute it.
  • ***Save water from pollution to secure the future.
  • ***Don’t make water bodies a dustbin of your wastes.
  • ***Don’t spoil water otherwise your kids have to drink polluted water.
  • ***What you are giving to your next generation, Water Pollution!
  • ***Water is to drink not pollute and waste.

Su Kirliliği İngilizce Sloganlar

  • ***Polluted water carries water borne diseases.
  • ***If you drink polluted water you may get gastro diseases.
  • ***Polluted water causes diarrhea to your kids.
  • ***Polluted water costs much to you every year!
  • ***If you continue polluting water, you have to pay a big cost in future.
  • ***Stop water pollution otherwise it will make your elimination.
  • ***It is our duty to work for water purity.
  • ***Be aware and clean the water everywhere.
  • ***It’s we who are spreading water pollution, nature will never forgive us.

Su Kirliliği İngilizce Sloganlar

  • ***Fight water pollution at right time before being late.
  • ***Unite to search solution for water pollution.
  • ***Stop water pollution quick to be prevented from getting sick.
  • ***If you pollute water, you pollute life.
  • ***Polluting water is sin as you pollute the water you kill people.
  • ***How will you cope without a fresh drop?


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