Çevre kirliliğini önlemek için neler yapmalıyız? (İngilizce Kompozisyon)


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Çevre kirliliğini önlemek için neler yapmalıyız? (İngilizce)

The environment is like our mother. If you are not feeling well, how can you assume that you can breastfeed or feed it with baby milk and other care components of your nature for adults? Your care is a physical, intellectual and emotional support that is healthy for your children. In a similar way, all the natural resources that belong to our land are like our inheritance for the security of our health and future. When we become selfish and deepen their resources, we degrade and pollute them. When we become greedy we also empty his coffin. However, our health depends on your well-being. It is a direct equation.

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Environmental pollution and its effect on health

It is not necessary to repeat that environmental pollution has degraded and spread its poisonous tentacles in the most basic human needs (food, water, air, soil): inhale, eat, drink or have harmful effects on human and animal health. Gaseous emissions from industries, combustion of motor vehicles and burning of fossil fuels in the air; oil spills, solid industrial waste, city garbage, plastic dumpsters reach the water; similarly, plant residues and inorganic methods of cultivation strip the soil depriving it of its fertility. Since soil is the source of food, water is for drinking and air is for breathing; The three contaminated elements inject their toxins into the human body and incur diseases in it.

Diseases can include any of these: asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, skin cancer, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke, lead poisoning, mercury poisoning, increased radiation cancers, allergies, birth defects, lung diseases due to occupational exposure to various toxins. ; the list is endless.


We are all retreating into an unhealthy future for all living creatures, not just human beings. The signs of health depletion are strong and clear (contamination): in the air we breathe, the water we drink and use for various purposes and the inorganic foods we process and eat.


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