Körebe Oyununun İngilizce Anlatımı, Blind Man’s Buff: A Classic Children’s Game Explained


Körebe yani İngilizce Blind Man’s Buff oyunun İngilizce kuralları, Körebe oyunun İngilizce anlatımı, körebe oyunu İngilizce.


“Blind man’s buff” or “blind man’s bluff” is a children’s game and a variant of tag. The game involves one player, known as “It,” being blindfolded and attempting to touch or catch the other players without being able to see them. The game is typically played in a spacious area, such as outdoors or in a large room.

The traditional name of the game, “blind man’s buff,” uses the word “buff” in its older sense of a small push. The game later became known as “blind man’s bluff.” The name “blind man’s bluff” may be a linguistic corruption, or it could stem from an older meaning of “bluff” as a verb, which means to blindfold.

In the game, the blindfolded player, or “It,” gropes around, trying to locate and touch the other players. Meanwhile, the other players scatter and attempt to avoid being caught. They may hide in plain sight and sometimes tease the blindfolded player to make them change direction.

To ensure safety, the game is ideally played in an area that is free of dangerous obstructions, minimizing the risk of the blindfolded player tripping or colliding with objects. “Blind man’s buff” provides a fun and engaging experience for children, encouraging agility, strategic thinking, and teamwork.


Here are the detailed rules of the game:

  1. Players are chosen: At the beginning of the game, one player is chosen as the “blind man” or “it.” The remaining players are referred to as the “runners.”
  2. Game area is defined: The boundaries of the game area are established. This area is typically a backyard, park, or any open space.
  3. Blind man selection: The blind man is usually chosen by a predetermined method, such as drawing straws or by voluntary selection.
  4. Blindfolding the blind man: Once the blind man is selected, they are blindfolded to restrict their vision. This is often done using a cloth or a blindfold.
  5. Starting the game: The blind man is positioned in the center of the play area, disoriented and unable to see.
  6. Runners move around: The runners disperse within the boundaries of the game area and start moving around, trying to avoid being caught by the blind man.
  7. Catching the runners: The blind man’s objective is to catch one of the runners. The blind man uses their hearing and sense of touch to locate and tag a runner.
  8. Calling out: The blind man can call out “Körebe!” or any predetermined phrase to indicate that they suspect a runner is nearby. This helps in narrowing down the search.
  9. Runner’s safety zone: The runners can enter a designated safe zone, usually identified before the game begins. While in the safe zone, the blind man cannot catch them.
  10. Swapping roles: If a runner is caught, they become the blind man for the next round. The previous blind man joins the runners, and the game continues.
  11. Game ends: The game continues until all runners have been caught or when a predetermined time limit is reached.

Körebe” or “Blind man’s buff” is a fun game that requires strategy, agility, and teamwork. It’s an enjoyable way to spend time outdoors with friends and family.

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