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L harfi ile başlayan ingilizce ülkeler, bayrakları ve Türkçeleri nelerdir? L harfiyle ingilizce ülkeler ve anlamları listesi.
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L Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Ülkeler

Bayrağı İngilizcesi Türkçesi
Laos Laos
Latvia Letonya
Lebanon Lübnan
Lesotho Lesotho
Liberia Liberya
Libya Libya
Liechtenstein Lihtenştayn
Lithuania Litvanya
Luxembourg Lüksemburg

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Liechtenstein is a small, landlocked country in Central Europe, bordered by Switzerland, and Austria. Liechtenstein is believed to have been inhabited since 5300 BC. It is a small country at only 62 square miles, with a population of approximately 37,340 (2014). Liechtenstein was established in 1719 but was occupied by the Russian and French during the Napoleonic Wars. In 1806 it became a sovereign nation. In 1815 it joined the German Confederation but in 1866 the country became independent. It held close ties with Austria but due to the economy problems of WWI the country tied itself to Switzerland monetarily. Liechtenstein was neutral in WWII. The taxes have been very low in the country since WWII and it has experienced excellent economic growth as a result.


  • Liechtenstein’s full name is the Principality of Liechtenstein. It was named after the Liechtenstein dynasty that united Vaduz and Schellenberg after purchasing the small countries. The Roman Empire allowed the family to rename the country Liechtenstein in 1719, which means ‘light stone’ in German.
  • Liechtenstein is considered to be a mountainous country. It experiences cold winters and humid, moderately warm summers.
  • Approximately 43% of Liechtenstein is forest, and 37% is agricultural.
  • The official language in Liechtenstein is German.
  • The main religions practiced in Liechtenstein include Roman Catholic, Protestant Reformed, Muslim, and Lutheran.
  • The government in Liechtenstein is a hereditary constitutional monarchy. The civil law system is based upon German, Austrian, and Swiss laws.
  • Liechtenstein is divided into 11 communes including Vaduz, Triesenberg, Triesen, Schellenberg, Schaan, Ruggell, Planken, Mauren, Gamprin, Eschen, and Balzers.
  • To become a Liechtenstein citizen one must be born to a father who is a Liechtenstein citizen, or if born to a single mother the mother must be a Liechtenstein citizen. Just being born in the country does not give a baby citizenship in Liechtenstein.
  • Liechtenstein’s national colors are blue and red. The flag is red and blue with the prince’s crown in gold. Without the gold crown the flag is too similar to Haiti’s flag and it was added to help with the distinction.
  • Liechtenstein has the third highest income per capita in the world following Qatar and Luxembourg.
  • The Swiss franc is Liechtenstein’s currency.
  • 90% of the energy requirements of Liechtenstein are imported from other countries.
  • Agricultural products grown and produced in Liechtenstein include wheat, barley, potatoes, corn, dairy products and livestock.
  • Liechtenstein is responsible for a large percentage of the false teeth produced worldwide.
  • Approximately 50% of the employees in Liechtenstein commute daily from Germany, Switzerland, or Austria.
  • There are 380 km of roads and 9 km of railway in Liechtenstein. There are only 28 km of waterways in the small country.
  • There is no military force in Liechtenstein. There is a National Police force.
  • Liechtenstein was the last country in Europe to allow women to vote in elections.
  • Liechtenstein is a popular tourist destination. Winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding are popular.
  • Warm weather activities include hiking and biking in the mountainous country.
  • Liechtenstein is one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

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