Resimli İngilizce Duygular (Feelings – Emotions) – İle İlgili Cümle Örnekleri


Duyguların, ruh hallerinin ingilizce isimleri nelerdir? Resimli ingilizce duygular (feelings and emotions) örnek cümleler, cümlede kullanımları.

Resimli İngilizce Duygular

Resimli İngilizce Duygular (Feelings - Emotions)

Üzüntü, üzücü ve kötü ve duyguları anlatan ingilizce kelimeler – Sad Feelings

Sad: üzgün
We are very sad to hear that you are leaving.

Depressed: Karamsar, bunalımlı
He became very depressed and even got suicidal at one point.

Embarrassed: utanmış
I was embarrassed by his comments about my clothes.

Angry: kızgın
She seemed to delight in making her parents angry.

Shocked: şok olmuş, sarsılmış
He was so shocked that he could hardly bring out a word.

Disappointed: hayal kırıklığına uğramış
Dad seemed more disappointed than angry.

hurt: kırılmış, incinmiş
Don’t cry out before you are hurt.

confused: kafası karışmış
People are confused about all the different labels on food these days.

frustrated: sinirli, engellenmiş
This failure leaves the child depressed and frustrated.

Resimli İngilizce Duygular (Feelings - Emotions)

Mutluluk, mutlu güzel duyguları anlatan ingilizce kelimeler: Happy feelings

excited: heyecanlı
No wonder the children are excited, – this is the first time they’ve been abroad

happy: mutlu
Life’s too short to be anything but happy.

accepted: kabul görmüş
There is no generally accepted definition of life.

pleased: memnun
I am pleased that you have a new job.

content: tatmin olmuş, memnun
Are you content with your present salary?

lovely: sevecen, sevimli
The cool water felt lovely after being in the hot sun.

Resimli İngilizce Duygular (Feelings - Emotions)

Ruh halleri: moods

lazy: tembel
Managers had complained that the workers were lazy and unreliable.

ready to work: çalışmaya hazır
I was feeling ready to work in the morning but I am feeling exhausted now.

tired: yorgun
My legs were tired after so much walking.

angry: kızgın
He was stung by thousands of angry bees.

friendly: arkadaş canlısı
‘You must be Annie,’ he said in a friendly tone.

cooperative: iş birlikçi, yardım yapan
The workmen are very cooperative, so the work goes on smoothly.

grumpy: huysuz, somurtkan
Mina’s always a bit grumpy first thing in the morning.

not friendly – unfriendly: arkadaş canlısı değil
Our neighbours are unfriendly to us.

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