River (Irmak) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler, River İngilizce Örnek Cümleler


İçinde River (Irmak) geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler ve anlamları. River ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. River ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri


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River (Irmak) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  • ***The river is wide.
  • ***This river is beautiful.
  • ***This river is deepest here.
  • ***I can swim across the river.
  • ***I crossed the river by boat.
  • ***I finally got across the river.
  • ***What is the name of this river?
  • ***Is it safe to swim in this river?
  • ***A ball is floating down the river.
  • ***I saw a dog swim across the river.
  • ***I am able to swim across the river.
  • ***Mary was able to swim across the river.
  • ***I used to often take walks along that river.
  • ***The Shinano river is the longest river in Japan.
  • ***He failed in his attempt to swim across the river.
  • ***There’s a lot of trash on the far bank of the river.
  • ***Seen from the sky, the river looked like a huge snake.
  • ***It wasn’t possible for the boy to swim across the river.
  • Tom is on the other side of the river.
  • We saw Jane swimming across the river.
  • What’s the longest river in the world?
  • Blue lines on the map designate rivers.
  • Harry managed to swim across the river.
  • He drowned while swimming in the river.
  • The Mississippi River is deep and wide.
  • The river flows into the Pacific Ocean.
  • The two towns are separated by a river.
  • They caught a lot of fish at the river.
  • This river is dangerous to swim across.
  • We went down the river in a small boat.
  • What is the longest river in the world?
  • I saw some people swimming in the river.
  • Is the school on this side of the river?
  • It was found at the bottom of the river.
  • Some children are swimming in the river.
  • Take the path that runs along the river.
  • That foul odor is coming from the river.
  • The dam blocking the river is very wide.
  • The river is very beautiful around here.
  • There was an abandoned car by the river.
  • They settled near the Connecticut River.
  • Tom drowned while swimming in the river.
  • We are measuring the depth of the river.
We went swimming in the river yesterday.
  • We would often go swimming in the river.
  • It was near the river that I lost my way.
  • My home is separated from his by a river.
  • Once you cross the river, you’ll be safe.
  • She stood looking at a boat on the river.
  • The farm is three miles beyond the river.
  • The people were ferried across the river.
  • The river carries a huge volume of water.
  • This river becomes shallow at that point.
  • Tony could see a river and an old bridge.
  • An iron bridge was built across the river.
  • He succeeded in swimming across the river.
  • It’s very dangerous to swim in this river.
  • The army slowly advanced across the river.
  • The logs are being floated down the river.
  • The Maruyama river flows through Kinosaki.
  • The river flows between the two countries.
  • The river rose above the level of the dam.
  • The river’s on the other side of the hill.
  • The rivers were flooded by the heavy rain.
  • They run a ferry service across the river.
  • This is the second longest river in Japan.
  • This river is polluted with factory waste.
  • This river is two hundred kilometers long.

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