Hippopotamus (Su Aygırı) İngilizce Tanıtımı, Hakkında İngilizce Bilgi


Su Aygırının ingilizce tanıtımı. Su Aygırı, Hippopotamus nasıl bir hayvandır, yaşam koşulları, özellikleri ile ilgili ingilizce bilgi, yazı.

su aygırı

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Groups of hippos are led by one large male. The other members are females, their young, and a few young adult males. The leader of the group keeps control of his mating territory by fighting off rivals. The family group of hippos spends most of the day in the water. Staying submerged helps a hippo stay cool in the hot, tropical climate where it lives.

The hippo’s nose, ears, and eyes are on the top of its head, and they protrude from the water while the rest of its head and its body lie beneath the surface. That way a hippo can breathe, see, and hear even while its body is submerged. When a hippo sinks completely underwater, its nose and ears automatically close so that no water seeps in. Hippos are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for about five minutes. They can even walk along the bottoms of rivers and lakes.

At dusk, hippos leave their watery daytime spot, lumber onto land, and walk as far as 5 miles (8 kilometers) from the water to graze on short grasses, their main food. They are not considered to be very fast moving animals, but in short bursts they can run up to 30 miles (48 kilometers) per hour!

Grazing until dawn, a hippo may eat up to 150 pounds (68 kilograms) of grass a night. They avoid the heat of the sun by returning to a river or lake before sunrise.

su aygırı

Kaynak : pixabay.com

Interesting Hippopotamus Facts

  • There are two types of hippos: common hippo and pygmy hippo. Common hippos are much larger animals. They can reach 12 feet in length and weigh up to 7000 pounds. Pygmy hippo can reach 5.7 feet in length and weigh up to 600 pounds.
  • Pygmy hippo is rare animals.
  • Hippos live in group that consists of 10-30 animals. Group is called herd, bloat or pod.
  • Hippos spend most of their time in water because they don’t have sweat glands and that is the only way to prevent overheating.
  • They can see, smell and hear when they are in the water because their eyes, nostrils and ears are positioned on the upper surface of the head.
  • They have good eyesight, sense of smell and hearing.
  • When they dive, their ears and nostrils close automatically.
  • Their skin produces red oily substance that protects them from sunburn.
  • They are herbivores. They like to eat grass, fallen fruit, sugar cane and corn.
  • Even though they are massive, they can run faster than humans.
  • Hippos produce loud noise that sounds like lion’s roar.
  • Closest relatives of hippo are whales and dolphins.
  • Their tusks-like teeth grow continuously. They are the main reason why poachers are killing hippos.
  • Pregnancy lasts 230 days. Only one baby will be born. Mother protects the baby against lions, leopards, crocodiles and male hippos. Babies drink milk one full year, but they will add grass to their diet few weeks after birth.
  • Hippos live up to 45 years in the wild


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