Spor – Spor Yapmak İle İlgili İngilizce Sloganlar – İngilizce Spor Sloganları


Spor, spor yapmak ile ilgili ingilizce slogan örnekleri. Sporun önemi, yararları hakkında ingilizce sloganlar, güzel sözler.

Spor İle İlgili İngilizce Sloganlar

  • ***All work and no play is a poor option; opt to play different sports!
  • ***There are many kinds of sports; take your pick!
  • ***Play the sports of your choice!
  • ***Give sports its due place in your schedule!
  • ***A healthy mind resides in a healthy body; play sports!
  • ***Sports help you develop team spirit!
  • ***Don’t say no to sports!
  • ***Sports persons need your encouragement!
  • ***You can continue to play sports into your old age if you start at a young age!
  • ***Playing sports elevate your mood; play sports daily!
  • ***Go out and play a sport of your choice!
  • ***Play a sport; you will feel refreshed!
  • ***Sports are effective in keeping you upbeat; play a sport today!
  • ***Encourage your children to play sports!
  • ***Encourage the younger generation to play sports!
  • ***Playing sports encourages team spirit!

  • ***Be sporting; play a sport!
  • ***Playing sports is a fun way to unwind!
  • ***Playing sports helps you de-stress!
  • ***Sports are great at relieving stress!
  • ***Playing sports is good for muscles and bones; play a sport today!
  • ***Playing sports boosts physical health; play the sport of your choice!
  • ***Don’t be grumpy; get on to the field for a sport!
  • ***Enjoy playing a sport on the sports field!
  • ***When you feel down and out choose to play a sport!
  • ***Playing a sport is as much important as work, get involved in it!
  • ***Playing sports is not time wasted, but time well spent!
  • ***Be serious about the sport you play; you can master the game!
  • ***Don’t injure the other on the sports field; it is just a game you are playing!
  • ***Someone will win, someone will lose; it’s after all a sport!
  • ***If you want to feel upbeat go play a sport with your friends!
  • ***Playing sports is a fun way to stay healthy in body and mind!
  • ***Ensure good camaraderie with your sports team mates!

  • ***Take time out to play a sport; it is time well spent!
  • ***Playing sports is good fun!
  • ***Enjoy your holidays playing different sports!
  • ***Sports keep you trim and fit!
  • ***Be sporting; don’t quarrel on the sports field!


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