E Harfiyle Başlayan İngilizce Meyve, Sebzeler İsimleri Tanıtımları Türkçeleri


Baş harfi E olan ingilizce sebze ve meyveler, E harfiyle başlayan ingilizce fruits and vegetables isimleri, tanıtımları, Türkçeleri.

E Harfiyle Başlayan İngilizce Meyveler ve Sebzeler

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E Harfiyle Başlayan İngilizce Meyveler ve Sebzeler



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Eggplant, also known as aubergine, is a flowering plant that belongs to the nightshade family. It originates from China. Cultivation of eggplant started 600 years BC in southern and eastern parts of Asia. There are around 770 varieties of eggplant that can be found in tropical and sub-tropical areas around the world. People cultivate eggplant as a source of food. Other than that, eggplant can be cultivated as ornamental plant.



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Elderberry is deciduous plant that belongs to the family Adoxaceae. It can be found in the temperate and subtropical areas around the world. Elderberry grows in swampy habitats and other areas that provide enough water. It requires fertile, well-drained soil and full or partial sun for the successful development. Elderberry can be cultivated in ornamental purposes, to prevent erosion (thanks to its strong root system), or as a source of food and folk medicines.



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Endive is often described as a green leafy green vegetable that comes in curly or flat-leaf varieties, but that’s not entirely true. To be precise, endive is the curly-leafed type, and escarole is the one with larger, flatter leaves. Endive, native to Asia Minor and a member of the Asteraceae (daisy) family of plants, is a close cousin to chicory, radicchio, and Belgian endive (witloof). Frisee is a smaller variety with fine, lacy leaves.

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